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Couple Therapy Session

Stacey Sanderson

Practicing with Foothills Psychological Services since 2004, Stacey Sanderson is a licensed marriage and family therapist known for her compassionate yet direct approach with her clients.  Recognized for her easygoing and friendly demeanor and advocacy of healthy habits and lifestyle, Stacey sets the stage with her clients by being an excellent role model and setting a good example. With a multitude of specialties and vast client demographic, Stacey is a dynamic therapist whose flexibility is a great asset to her clients.  Working with individuals, couples and families, Stacey creates a safe and inviting atmosphere for her patients allowing them to divulge comfortably in order to address the presenting issues.  Working with children and families, Stacey often utilizes play therapy and reinforces parenting techniques as a way to create balance, communication and harmony within the family system.  Having extensive experience in couples and marriage counseling allows Stacey to create a customized plan based on both the individual persons involved and their dynamic as a couple, so that they can overcome obstacles and reach goals together. Aside from being a therapist, Stacey has also attained an Adult Education Teaching Credential in Parent Education and is a UCLA Trained Mediator.  Working at the High School, Jr. High and Elementary levels, Stacey has  over 13 years experience working as a consultant for the Claremont School District.  Stacey’s specialties include: anger management, ADHD, anxiety, depression, child/teen issues, eating disorders, LGBT and substance abuse.  Working with individuals, couples and families, Stacey works hard to ensure her client’s needs are being met and full potential is reached. 

Therapeutic Orientation: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, System Theory.

Specialties: ADHD, Children/Adolescents, Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Divorce/Separation, Parenting and Co-Parenting

Stacey Sanderson works exclusively in the Upland Office Monday-Thursday and every other Friday.  Please call the Upland Office to schedule an appointment.