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Robert Gordon

Known as one of the leading Psychiatrists in the area, Dr. Gordon has been practicing Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for over three decades starting private practice in 1978.  Receiving his undergraduate degree at University of North Texas and attending University of Texas Medical Branch for Medical School, Dr. Gordon went on to do his internship and residency in both General Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center. Dedication to his clients, exceptional bedside manner and a good-humored nature make Dr. Gordon an exceptional psychiatrist.  Using his vast experience and extensive expertise, Dr. Gordon choses a course of treatment on a case-by-case basis taking into account the many factors that affect each patiently differently. Specializing in children and adolescents, Dr. Gordon treats patients as young as 3 and simultaneously treats Alzheimer’s and other dementias, but Dr. Gordon maintains full competencies in treating any mental health condition across the lifespan. Most experienced in ADHD, mood disorders and anxiety disorders, Dr. Gordon’s proficiency and knowledge allow him to take on any case including schizophrenia and dementia.  As well as having a wide-ranging private practice, Dr. Gordon has also served as Medical Director at Charter Hospital in Corona and been positioned as Chief of Staff at Ingleside Mental Health Center and Las Encinas Medical Center.   Dr. Gordon is a member of the Southern California Psychiatric Society and also an APA member.

Dr. Gordon is happily married for over twenty years with two healthy adult children.

Specialties, including but not limited to, Mood Disorders (Bipolar and Depression), Anxiety Disorders, Attention Disorders, Autistic Disorders, Dementias and Schizophrenia.