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Couple Therapy Session

Fred Chu

Frederick Chu, Psy. D.

Known for his insightful and fun-loving nature, Dr. Chu graduated from Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola and has been practicing with Foothills Psychological Services since its creation in 1999. Through his broad experience and extensive research, Dr. Chu has adopted many dynamic styles in his therapy practice and utilizes his expertise based on the needs of his clients.  Dr. Chu delves deeper with his clients and whether working with individuals, couples or families, he uses precise language and communication with his clients to gain a broader understanding of the issues at hand.  Communication is very important to Dr. Chu and understanding the client’s perspective and goals is always at the forefront of his practice.

Areas of interest:

To treat the cyclical dysfunction of anxiety, Dr. Chu has extensive knowledge of the Neurobiology of anxiety and utilizes Mindfulness Training, an evidence based form of therapy, to help treat those who suffer with anxiety.

Understanding the pressures put on men by modern society, one of Dr. Chu’s main demographics with which he works is adult males, particularly high achieving males experiencing feelings of dissatisfaction.  Dr. Chu feels he is able to communicate with them in a way that allows them to see their obstacles and reach their full potential. 

Specializing in divorce/separation issues, particularly co-parenting, he helps break the cycle of dysfunction and works with the family system to create an atmosphere of comfort and open communication in which the children can thrive and parents can effectively communicate.

Dr. Chu also works well with couples and creates an open atmosphere in which couples can communicate needs without judgment.  Mediating discussions between couples, Dr. Chu creates a better avenue for communication for couples striving to make their relationship better and stronger.

Theoretical Orientation:

System Theory; Gestalt, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Chu works in the Upland Office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.