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Couple Therapy Session

Alta Loma

Jeshanna Avent-Johnson, PsyD

Specialties: including but not limited to Relationship issues, sex and sexuality issues, mood disorders, anxiety; Family conflict, and identity issues. 


Bruce Cooke, L.C.S.W.


Travis Fultz, Ph.D


Michelle Garza Rodriguez, L.C.S.W.


Landon Martin, L.C.S.W


Dante Millon, PMHNP

Specialties: including but not limited to forms of psychosis, depression, bipolar disorders, ptsd, anxiety, mood disorders, adult attention deficit disorder, substance use disorders, and grief


John Oliveri, Psy.D




Patricia Powell, L.C.S.W


Shannon Silverstein, Ph.D


Richard Smith, Ph.D


Matthew Williams, Ph.D


Steve Wysocki, Ph.D